Small Town Specials in Zurich

Zurich blends old world charm with the latest trends.

by Debra Moffit

Lake Zurich

A hub of summertime activities, the lake offers amazing locations to lie in the sun, enjoy yoga, picnic, and swim. The Enge swimming area provides a pool and visitors enjoy the Lake Zurich view, the lakeside promenade and the backdrop of the Alps. Massages and yoga courses are also offered. Other popular areas include Seebad Utoquai, the historic spot on the Right Bank of Lake Zurich, and Mythenquai sand beach, a favourite for stand-up paddle-boarding.

Zurich lake

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Zurich Festivals

Zurich goes all out for the summer festivals. “Opera for All” presents free shows in front of the Zurich Opera House. If jazz is your thing, check out the Blues’n’Jazz Rapperswill at the open-air concerts by Lake Zurich. The party atmosphere of the Street Parade attracts techno music lovers, and the Zurich Film Festival is a magnet for glamour.


Old Stones – Churches

Step out of the heat and into the cool spaces of Zurich’s ancient churches. Four main churches adorn the city. Grossmünster is one of the most famous landmarks. St. Peter’s is the oldest parish with ninth-century walls still visible. It has the largest clock face in Europe and was used as a watchtower for fire until the early 1900s.

old stone

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