24 Hours in Zurich

Home to more than just Swiss bank accounts and financial services, you'll discover narrow, winding cobbled roads giving Zurich its authentic medieval vibe, as well as its stunning crystal clear lake, perfect for water sports and invigorating dives come summer. 

Known for its rich chocolates, fondue rendez-vous, and lively cafe culture, Zurich is a cultural hub you won't want to miss. And just last year, Zurich celebrated 100 years since the birth of Dadaism, a movement that transformed the European cultural framework. You can take a leisurely boat ride around Lake Zurich, indulge in cheese fondue, wander around the architecturally impressive historic centre, mingle with the locals during happy hour, and visit the avant-garde art exhibitions. LUXOS rolls out a carefully crafted 24-hour guide to make the most of your trip in Zurich. 


Located along the Limmat River, Café Henrici is the perfect spot to welcome the day with a cup of coffee and light breakfast of freshly baked croissants and pastries. You'll love the artistic ambiance of the café with its graffiti on the walls created by local artists, as well as the brilliant coffee creations such as the Espresso Bicerin with dark melted chocolate, double espresso, cinnamon, and steamed milk. Sip away in sheer delight as locals glide along the running paths by the river, and watch the sun rise and light up the entire city of Zurich. After breakfast, take a leisurely boat ride around the Limmat River, soaking up the warm sun and local scenery.

cafe henrici zurichCafe Henrici, Zurich

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For a richer breakfast, start your morning off at Kafi Dihei with homemade breads and waffles. Just outside the cafe is the lovely Fritschiwiese Park, a place full of tranquility. On the menu are omelettes, pancakes, and even cocktails for you to enjoy, perfect for a weekend brunch. After an energizing breakfast, you'll be ready to make your way over to the park for a nice stroll, enjoying nature at its best, all season round. 


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To get a true taste of the famous Swiss fondue, head over to Frau Gerolds Garten for lunch. Located in the heart of trendy west end of Zurich, this restaurant is an island of greenery. You’ll love the onsite terrace warmed up by the sun's rays and a particular view of the city's railway tracks. If the weather is really nice, you may even get a glimpse of the Alps from the terrace. The menu features interesting pasta dishes topped with thinly sliced parmesan served in compostable plates, as well as salads with locall grown produce, or if you're in the mood for something hearty, experiment with the rich fondue. 


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For breathtaking panoramic views of Zurich, climb to the top of the Grossmünster, a Romanesque-style Protestant church. Its twin towers are one of the most recognized landmarks in Zurich. A sight you definitely don't want to miss. Afterwards, you'll want to cross to the other side of the Limmat River to wander around the Old Town. You'll spot medieval churches and houses dating back to the reign of Charlemegne as well as historic cafés on the narrow, cobblestone medieval streets. 


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Shop & Aperitivo 

My Place is a chic bistro and furnature shop situated in the heart of downtown Zurich. You'll find original furnature pieces dating back to the 60s and 70s available for purchase.  A pleasent surprise: the tables and chairs you sit on are even available for purchase. Dine here in the evening for a nice drink from the bar as you appreciate the unique pieces around you.


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Located beside Lake Zurich, Cinnaom Bistro offers a unique cullinary experience with their motto being: "We create edible pieces of art." Enjoy their passion for fine and fresh ingredients, with their seasonal menus consisting of 99% organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. You'll find wonderful delights such as stuffed zucchini, codfish, challah panini, and portabella burgers. At the end of your meal, take a late night boat tour around Lake Zurich to enjoy the city in its night time charm. 


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