A Theatrical City-Expedition in Zurich" Actors in period costume lead the tour of Zurich at the Swiss National Museum A Theatrical City-Expedition in Zurich" Actors in period costume lead the tour of Zurich at the Swiss National Museum © Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum

Swiss museums: in & around Zürich

The days are getting darker and colder, so what better way to escape the misty gloom than to discover some of Switzerland’s greatest museums.

We’ve picked six of the best museums in Zürich and quite deliberately haven’t included any art galleries. Out with endless rooms of paintings, in with hours of facts and fun; each of these museums offers a winning mix of information and entertainment.

In & around Zurich
The region around Switzerland’s largest city has a lot to choose from when it comes to cultural offerings but savvy travellers head straight for the best. Here we highlight one for history buffs and one for budding scientists.

Swiss National Museum, Zurich

families-workshop-swiss-mationalo-museum-Workshops at the Swiss National Museum

There’s no better place to get an overview of Swiss history and a detailed look at Swiss lives through the centuries. The centrepiece exhibition on the History of Switzerland (currently being refurbished but due to reopen on 16 November 2015) is wonderful, explaining everything from cantons to coins in clear but informative displays. I always spend so much time in this part that I have to come back another time to enjoy the rest of the museum. And there’s a lot to enjoy, especially Swiss Homes & Furnishings, with re-created rooms from different time periods, and the uniforms and weapons in the Armoury Tower. Closed Monday. Tue-Sun 10-5, until 7pm on Thu www.nationalmuseum.ch

Technorama, Winterthur

Technorama---NikonTechnorama © Nikon Photos

Also known as the Swiss Science Center, this gives science a hands-on approach that will astound and engage every member of the family. Giant ball races made of wood, weird optical illusions that will bend your brain, all sorts of impossible things with magnets, and model railways for the kid in everyone. There isn’t a dull moment to be had, even in the Shadow Box, where you can freeze the outline of your body to create all manner of shapes. Best of all, before you leave you’ll find out why the sky is blue. Open daily 10am-5pm www.technorama.ch

1 Swiss National Museum
2 Technorama