Four essential experiences worth your time in Zurich this summer.

Home to more than just Swiss bank accounts and financial services, you'll discover narrow, winding cobbled roads giving Zurich its authentic medieval vibe, as well as its stunning crystal clear lake, perfect for water sports and invigorating dives come summer. 

Three unbeatable options for art lovers in Zurich.

Outdoor spots in Zurich to cool off when it gets hot in the city.

The Julius Bär Art Collection symbolises the institution's commitment and quest for excellence

The days are getting darker and colder, so what better way to escape the misty gloom than to discover some of Switzerland’s greatest museums.

One of Switzerland's greatest engineering feats, this train journey should not be missed.

Top tips for swimming in Switzerland's biggest city.

Enjoy the pleasures of the leaf in unexpected places around the city

The previously industrial sector of Kreis 5 has undergone huge renovation and warehouses are morphing into hubs of gastronomy, cutting-edge art galleries and cultural spaces.