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Classic Mementos

Experience shopping in Zurich: a fusion of the traditional and contemporary.

by Debra Moffit

Victorinox: Beyond Swiss Army Knives

Bridging tradition with current trends, the Victorinox flagship store proposes the well-known Swiss Army Knife, while offering up a variety of travel items, watches, apparel and even fragrances. The modern feel to the store gives a sense of being in step with the times. Don’t miss the 15,824 pocket knives hanging from the ceiling to form an enormous sphere. Yet the Swiss Army Knife, invented in 1884, remains one of the most iconic Swiss objects to bring home. One particular highlight is the interactive knife station where you can put together your own Swiss Army Knife and have it engraved.


Chocolatier Läderach

No stop in Zurich would be complete without dipping into one of the city’s famous chocolate shops. At Läderach, expect to find grand cru chocolates, praline truffles, and fresh chocolate. The shop presents a new flavour each month. You’ll find Läderach around Switzerland and some locations offer a unique experience to learn about, taste, and make your own chocolate.


Les Ambassadeurs

Located in the heart of Zurich's luxury shopping district, Les Ambassadeurs offers a unique shopping experience for aficionados of fine watches and jewellery. The boutique displays a range of leading brands and limited series watches. The Espace Connaisseur is an invitation-only lounge, featuring comfortable sofas and precious wood floors, where experts and enthusiasts can share their passion for beautiful pieces in a relaxing atmosphere.


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The Viadukt for Urban Chic

The Viadukt follows an architectural trend that thrives on transforming urban wastelands into upscale chic. Packed with trendy shops from contemporary interior design to the latest fashions, this shopping paradise offers Swiss brands Tarzan, Xilobis, and multi-designer shops like Fashionslave. It’s built into the arches of the railway line and the brute stones of the original arches make up the interior walls of many of the shops, markets, and restaurants. It’s easily accessible by tram or S-bahn.


Frau Gerold’s Garten Shops

Check out Zurich’s latest hip hangout with its urban vibe architecture of stacked containers that give way to shops, gardens, and an outdoor restaurant. It’s a small oasis in what was once an industrial zone, but is quick becoming the new heart of town. You’ll find Maiuki among the shops. It presents labels of young designers and newcomers who create with passion and confidence. Most of the pieces are produced in small numbers and are one-off staples.



As unique to Switzerland as the Swiss Army knife, Freitag is Zurich’s local brand of bags and clothing that takes recycling upscale. Satchels, backpacks, computer bags, wallets, journals, phone cases, and more make for a particularly Swiss gift that urbanites love. Made of truck tarps, inner tubes, and seat belts, Freitag makes a statement about being unique and handmade.


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