Zurich's Best Second-Hand Luxury Shops

Love finding hidden treasures? Carrying a range of vintage pre-loved pieces and high quality usable products with designer labels these second-hand stores will be sure to catch your eye across Zurich.

The Gallery

Step into shopping paradise inside of The Gallery. With over 20 renowned fashion brands such as Trussardi and Guess. Unlike most store set ups, The Gallery sorts their products into six categories: Jeans fashion, casual trendy, affordable luxury, modern contemporary and accessories and concept. An innovative juice bar also offers healthy drinks and snacks to shoppers. 

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While women feel in paradise at The Gallery, men get the same sensation when stepping into AP&CO. The three men who founded the store form the perfect balance of luxury, custom made clothing, and fashion with a sporty and trendy flair. A diverse team of trained retailers bring different gifts and unique styles only found at AP&CO. Products range from all types of clothes to accessories, luggage and men’s jewelry.

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A truly unique shopping experience, Fabrikat gathers things used to daily use and transforms or enhances these products into high quality, usable products. Shoppers can browse through the various hearty materials such as brass, leather and wool or by one of the six regions they gain their materials from. To learn more about this trendy store and learn more about the different types of products they sell, check out their website and online store.

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Edition Populaire

Edition Populaire offers a large variety of products including furniture, office, beauty lights and more. The company carefully chooses high end materials to handcraft products. The store prides itself on the functional, first class consumer goods. This shop provides the perfect opportunity to bring home a handmade and beautiful yet useful souvenir.

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No. 2

Enjoy personalized customer service both online and in the store at No. 2. With over sixty designers, the No. 2’s products range from men and women’s clothing to accessories and beauty products. The store also specializes in living items such as vintage furniture and other home accessories. After shopping, take a walk through the beautiful Seefeld district and dine at one of the many diverse restaurants the area offers.

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Limited Stock

Located in a 200-year-old workshop building, Limited Stock stocks rare, beautiful artisan products and artifacts from around the world. The founders of this gem of a store, Hubert Spörri and Ulrich Zickler, also work as a sculptor and interior architect. Limited Stock sits in the center of old town, Spiegelgasse so shoppers can also benefit from different restaurants as well as other shops and boutiques. Make sure to check out this store sooner rather than later because as the title states, everything comes in Limited Stock as a result of the rarity and craftsmanship of the products.

Photo credits: The Gallery, AP&CO, Fabrikat and Wikimedia 


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