Traditional Restaurants in Zurich Featured

These unique Zurich restaurants offer a full capacity of traditional Swiss cuisine and more.

by Debra Moffitt

On your trip to Zurich, you'll be looking forward to exploring the culture and history as well as looking forward to tasting the food... but why not do both at once? With these traditional Swiss restaurants, you'll be delighted to discover that traditional, home-style cuisine is easy to find, and even the atmosphere represents Zurich's history. Take in the medieval architecture and the aroma of your rösti cooking nearby in the kitchen and Zurich will sweep you right in.

Zunfthaus zur Waag

Diners will discover an authentic piece of Zurich's history in this guild house dating from 1315. Guild houses represented the different professions around the city, and Zunfthaus zur Waag has served as the guild house of the wool, linen weavers and hatters. The restaurant treats gourmets to traditional cuisine in an elegant 19th century dining room. One of its top dishes is veal with rösti.


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Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten

Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten restaurant sits in a building dating from the Middle Ages. With excellent, home-style cuisine and many Zurich and Swiss specialties, visitors will find it a uniquely traditional Swiss experience. The elegant main dining room with a medieval motif sits on the second level of the building overlooking the Limmat River. It originally served as the house for the carpenters' guild.


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Restaurant Opera

The sophisticated atmosphere of Restaurant Opera appeals to gourmets and opera fans alike. Their 'Opera Guarantee' assures opera-goers they can eat a 3-course meal and make it to the show on time. Chef David Krüger puts a special emphasis on fresh, local products. The chef treks into the forest and even does forest food tours to educate guests about wild herbs, berries and mushrooms for culinary use.

restaurant opera

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