Inside Zürich's oldest chocolate shop All images courtesy of Confiserie Sprüngli

Inside Zürich's oldest chocolate shop

Is a square meal a box of chocolates? Confiserie Sprüngli, who have been crafting these earthly delights in Zurich since 1836, certainly think so.

‘A recent survey has shown that nine out of every ten people love chocolate. The tenth is lying. Chocolate is something of universal appeal.' Milan and Tomas Prenosil should know. The two brothers run Confiserie Sprüngli, one of Switzerland’s most famous family businesses, founded in 1836 and now, at the seventh generation, an expanding, international company, they recently opened their first out-post in Dubai as well as owning numerous shops across Switzerland.

“Today, in a fast-moving environment, you have to be creative, innovative, dynamic and willing to take risks. With the internet, consumers are well-informed and know exactly what they want,” says Milan, the older of the two brothers, and Chairman of the Board. “It is important to stay in close contact with customers, anticipate their needs, and treat each one of them as a VIP.”

David Sprüngli opened Confiserie Sprüngli & Fils in Zurich’s Marktgasse in 1836, but he would have never expected that almost 180 years later, his business would have become a household name for people from all over the world, synonymous with the finest Swiss chocolate, truffles, pralines and confectionery. Richard Sprüngli inherited the company in 1956 and ran it successfully up until 1994. His motto “Qualität über alles” (quality above everything) enabled him to develop production and distribution, opening retail outlets in shopping malls and stations, and reorganising distribution. He moved the production facility to Dietikon, 30 minutes from central Zurich and located in the heart of Switzerland so that all 19 shops could be reached within two or three hours. This guarantees the freshness and quality intrinsic in Sprüngli products. Today their shop on Paradeplatz on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is still their headquarters.

When visiting the production unit, you immediately realise that the brothers are trusted and respected by their employees. 1,000 people work for Sprüngli, active from the early morning, making praline, chocolate, truffles, sandwiches and salads that are delivered from 4.30am to all the different points of sale. One of their products deserves a special mention: Luxemburgerli, Switzerland’s version of macarons.

Sprungli-Haus-um-1900Sprüngli Haus in 1900

'The company’s core values are quality, freshness, 100% natural ingredients, and environmental responsibility. There will never ever be any compromise on quality.' says Tomas, CEO. Sprüngli has been capable of introducing innovation and modern technology, even though most of production is still hand-made. Quality control is stringent. And new products are launched regularly. 

Confiserie Sprüngli AG

Bahnhofstrasse 21 CH 8022 Zurich

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