An intimate luxury hotel amidst all the fun in Zürich.

Next door to the world-class Opera House is your boutique hotel, set in the heart of Zürich.

Make the most of your time in Zurich with Swiss-centric shopping.

These superb restaurants around Bahnhofstrasse are enough to have your mouths watering all week long.

Four essential experiences worth your time in Zurich this summer.

There is nothing more pleasant that dining al fresco. Zurich understands this, and obliges us with some of it's most wonderful outdoor eating venues.

Home to more than just Swiss bank accounts and financial services, you'll discover narrow, winding cobbled roads giving Zurich its authentic medieval vibe, as well as its stunning crystal clear lake, perfect for water sports and invigorating dives come summer. 

Synonymous for it's wealth, Pardelplatz is an ideal location for shopping when spending a weekend in Zurich.

Love finding hidden treasures? Carrying a range of vintage pre-loved pieces and high quality usable products with designer labels these second-hand stores will be sure to catch your eye across Zurich.

Sample the tastes of Asia from sushi to spicy.