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24 Hours in Naples
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Aside from being one of the largest metropolises of the Mediterranean it is one of the culinary powerhouses of Southern Italy, the birthplace of pizza and spaghetti. Naples, nicknamed ‘the city of the sun,’ is not a place you or your taste buds are going to want to miss.

Linea D'Acqua Antiquarian Bookshop
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A look into the timeless wisdom of contemporary venetian companies

I Figli delle Stelle
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The Ultimate classic Venetian cuisine revamped

Earrings by Angela Caputi Giuggiù
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Women are helping Florence remain a world leader in artisanal production

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Milan’s best vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
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San Giorgio Maggiore - where Humanism meets heaven

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Cool off with a sweet treat in the city where gelato was born

Pescheria San Pietro
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Elegant new eateries providing marine-inspired alternatives to Florence’s meat-focused local fare

Castel Romano Designer Outlet
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Complete your Italian trip with a visit to McArthurGlen Designer Outlets, where you can shop your most-loved designer brands for 30-70% less, all year round.

Ceiling of the church of Sant’Antonio in Campo Marzio, Rome
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Exploring the modern-day legacy of Italy’s greatest design movement