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Discover the beauty and history of Venice when you explore this coastal city.

St. Mark's Square

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No trip to Venice would be complete without a stop at St. Mark's Square. Described by locals as the heart of Venice, St. Mark's Square is the largest gathering space in the city. From this piazza you can view Venice's beautiful architecture, visit delicious restaurants and admire the historical sites of St. Mark's Basilica, St. Mark's Campanile and Doge's Palace. If you have some extra time on your hands, walk into any of these architectural wonders, learn more about the history behind them and stare in awe at the masterpieces hidden within.

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Grand Canal

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Take in the sights of the city when you traverse the Grand Canal, the main street of Venice. Without room for cars or other twenty-first century modes of transportation, Venice is only accessible by foot, ferry and gondola. While walking allows you to appreciate the sights, views of the Grand Canal from a gondola are unbeatable. Take a gondola around dusk, and watch as the sun sets and small restaurants along the canal begin to light up and come to life. Pass under the Rialto Bridge and hear a mixture of laughter, clinking glasses and the music of a bustling city entering the twilight hours.

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Academy Gallery

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Italy is home to some of the finest artistic masterpieces, and the Academy Gallery is a perfect stop for any art enthusiast. With pieces from the 14th to the 18th century, the Academy Gallery is home to beautiful Renaissance works and Venetian art by Bellini, Tintoretto, Veronese and other masters. Admire and appreciate the Academy's extensive collection and when you finish visiting, head for a tasty gelato or seafood snack somewhere else in the city.

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Venice Jazz Club

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Swing into the world of Jazz at the Venice Jazz Club, a small venue in Venice that promises a spectacular evening of lovely music and excellent company. Although the club is not a restaurant, be sure to sample the club's Venetian wine, bubbly Prosecco or Italian cuisine. Prepare to laugh out loud at the host's comments and enjoy the club's intimate feel. Discover classic and contemporary jazz music and experience an evening you will always remember.

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Bridge of Sighs

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Venetian lore has it that two lovers who kiss under the Bridge of Sighs while riding on a gondola will have happiness for the rest of their days. Although this bridge is now a destination for sweethearts the world over, the bridge of sighs gets its name from the prisoners who used to sigh as they crossed it, because it was their last sight of the outside world before they entered the dark dungeons. Savour the bittersweet history of this bridge when you visit on your trip to Venice.

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