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Doge Doge

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We take you off the beaten there are some of the lesser known gems across the city on water...

Music Room of Ospedaletto


Sala della Musica

Orphan girls, hidden in an upper loft, sang in the music room of Ospedaletto (built 1776) as wealthy donors listening in the frescoed room below wondered whether their physical beauty matched their voices. Jacopo Guarana decked out the ceiling and walls with musical allegories and realistic portrayals of the choir, recording for posterity this unique Pygmalion way of transforming orphans into wives, complete with dowries, and raising money for charity. A visit includes the Palladio-inspired church.

Sala della Musica

Barbaria de le Tole

Castello 6691

30122 Venice

Tel. +39 041 30 96 605

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A Doge-Eye View

The Doge’s Hidden Treasures guided tour is a behind-the-scenes peek into the history of the Venetian Republic, packed with info about a unique system of government in which the six major crimes were those against the state, the church, children, water, tax evasion and murder. The tour includes a visit to private terrace of the Doge, the senior-most elected official.

Doge's Hidden TreasuresDoge's Hidden Treasures

Doge’s Hidden Treasures

Palazzo Ducale

Tel. +39 041 2715 911

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Doge's Private ChapelDoge's Private Chapel

The Doge’s private chapel, a room long outside the public eye, was recently returned to its former glory, selected by Comitato Italiano per Venezia and partly funded by a generous donation from Cartier. The climax of the Doge’s Hidden Treasures tour, the chapel also hosts exclusive private dinners for up to 40 guests.

Doge’s Private Chapel

Palazzo Ducale

San Marco 1

30124 Venice

Tel. +39 041 2715 911
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1 Music Room of Ospedaletto
2 Doge’s Hidden Treasures