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Linea D'Acqua Antiquarian Bookshop Linea D'Acqua Antiquarian Bookshop

Top 5 traditional Venetian companies

A look into the timeless wisdom of contemporary venetian companies

With each curve of a canal, the Venice mystique is undeniably present. These companies have taken that traditional mystique and transformed it to become a new trendy, contemporary style. Take a look at how they've molded their history into the most special products.

1. The Merchant Of Venice

 N801955The Merchant of Venice

The fragrances The Merchant of Venice creates are inspired by Secreti Nobilissimi dell’art profumatoria, an ancient recipe book, and the long history of trade between the Venetian Republic and the Orient. In collaboration with Harrods, the Merchant has conjured up Murano Art Collections, an aristocratic line that features hand-blown Murano glass vases that hold exotic fragrances in an elegant golden flask, scents created with precious raw materials like saffron, oud and Morocco rose. www.themerchantofvenice.it

2. Attombri


The four hands and one mind of Stefano and Daniele Attombri spin contemporary heirlooms out of vintage glass beads and industrial design elements. The colours of the lagoon inspire their jewellery, which has graced the runways of Europe, and travelled to the Far East and the United States. A blend of fashion and fine art, Attombri evokes the myth and magic of Venice. www.attombri.com

3. Linea D‘Acqua - Antiquarian Bookshop

 AVZ6064Linea D'Acqua Antiquarian Bookshop

Luca Zentilini was so passionate about the history of Venice, once the centre of the publishing world, that he switched careers to dedicate himself to rare books. Every aspect of Venetian culture is tucked away on his shelves inside original bindings. Antique volumes in excellent condition not only preserve knowledge, they yield personal satisfaction and are a solid investment. www.lineadacqua.it

4. Al Duca d’Aosta

 MG 2960CAl Duca D'Aosta

After four generations, the Ceccato family has evolved into a renowned Italian retailer, carrying top designer labels, as well as their own trendy line of menswear that puts a vintage spin on contemporary fashion. The Duke is the official supplier of gondoliers’ uniforms, and sells sportswear with their distinct logo, using the royalties to safeguard the ancient profession. www.venezia1902.com

5. Ottica Vascellari

DSC 0001Ottica Vascellari

Roberto Vascellari was so frustrated by the quality of designer eyeglasses that he and family developed their own line, inspired by tradition: Venice discovered that emerald glass blocked harmful UV rays centuries before the rest of the world. Handmade from natural products, Vascellari’s enthusiasm for quality and clever design is renowned. www.otticavascellari.it

1 The Merchant of Venice
2 Attombri
3 Linea d’Acqua
4 Al Duca d’Aosta
5 Ottica Vascellari