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Blue Tea, Merchant of Venice Blue Tea, Merchant of Venice

Into the Blue Tea, The Merchant of Venice Featured

The Merchant of Venice’s journey in the Far East.

by Sara Kaufman

Inspired by the aromas and precious materials from the world, and by the golden days of the Serenissima in the 13th century, The Merchant of Venice continues its sensorial journey to the Far East, following the ancient merchant trade routes – the mude - this time tracing the footsteps of Marco Polo and his extensive travels to China along the fabled Silk Road.

Marco Polo established himself within the court of Kublai Khan between 1269 and 1271. He served as special envoy providing useful reports and accurate observations of daily life from his travels around Asia. Today The Merchant of Venice revives these ancient tales of distant lands with a new fragrance: Blue Tea. The delicate and mysteriously romantic blue petals of the butterfly pea flower, commonly found in South East Asia and used for the brewing of blue tea, have endured through the centuries.

The Blue Tea flower had never before been used in a fragrance. It took all the skills and experience of The Merchant of Venice to successfully bottle it. Rich and regenerating, the fragrance evolves around a poetic accord of blue tea and a floral bouquet of rose, magnolia and neroli, for a suave, fresh and sometimes slightly fruity heart. The base notes of textured vetiver are rounded by musk, supporting the rural and stimulating green touch. The Blue Tea bottle appears just as surprising as the fragrance: white – recalling Chinese white glass which is similar to porcelain – with a blue Chinoiserie design.

Close your eyes and travel back in time, along the ancient travel routes, among the mystery of the unknown. Let the alchemy of the the artistic perfumery of The Merchant of Venice guide your senses through an unprecedented fragrance. Let the magic of the Orient embrace you, just as evocative today as it was then.

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