Venetian Magic Behind the Windows Featured

You'd be surprised by what you'll find in Venice shops.

by Cat Bauer

Shopping might not be the first thing on your to-do list in Venice... or maybe it is. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the delicious seafood and views that the city has to offer, but look away from the water and you'll find authentic shops and boutiques that allow you to bring the beauty of Venice home with you.

La Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua

From Valentino to the Kremlin and the White House, lush Bevilacqua soprarizzo velvets made by hand on original 18th century looms have bewitched designersand stylists around the globe. One of the most ancient working weaving mills in Europe, the family firm epitomises the highest qualities of Venetian elegance, keeping alive a tradition that dates back to 1499, meeting the demands of the Doges. Each loom produces just a few centimetres a day, making the fabric a rare treat for a discerning clientele.


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René Caovilla

It takes the wizards of René Caovilla about 48 hours to stitch the magic of Venice into each pair of their meticulously crafted shoes. Dazzling crystals and hand-smoothed leathers are a tradition of the family-owned international brand, now in its third generation, with new bijoux bags on the horizon. Their secret ingredient? Love.

renee camoavilla shoe

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TS Gioielli di Semenzato Tommaso

Tommaso Semenzato is a rare breed: at age 29, he is one of the youngest goldsmiths in Venice. Born into a family of artisans, he fights the wave of mass tourism with quiet passion, style and talent. His unique brand of alchemy turns both precious and basic material into wearable works of art, creating traditional jewellery with a contemporary flair.

venice jewelry


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