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Essential Venice Carnival Costume Ateliers Featured

Discover the best Venetian ateliers.

by Ann Bargstedt

For those who are looking for an escape from reality, now is the perfect time to go to Venice. There is however, a rather specific dress code. Ladies and gentlemen alike adorn themselves in ornate 15th century dress along with Venetian masks. Discover the most exclusive of all Venetian Carnival shops that will transform you into a vision no one will ever forget.

Atelier Flavia 

This shop boasts costumes that have been handmade in Venice. Whether you would like to buy or rent, the staff will tailor your costume to your desires. Either way, Atelier will lead you through the streets of Venice for a photoshoot of you and your party in costume. Atelier Flavia completely recreates the tone and style of the city in the 1600s, so much so that you will almost believe you went back in time to your life as a well to do count or countess.

luxos venice atelier2

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Atelier Marega 

With 4 locations throughout Venice, Atelier Marega offers a full Carnival experience. This atelier has every stitch and jewel to create a complete Carnival look. You will truly come to embody your chosen character with the help of this shop’s team. Additionally, for anyone looking for a hands on experience, this atelier offers mask making classes as well; just be sure to make your reservation well ahead of time.

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Antonia Sautter

The designer of Il Ballo del Doge, as the title event planner does not nearly describe the creativity behind her annual work, Antonia Sautter is also the quintessential atelier for Carnival. From counts and countesses to fairy kings and queens, Sautter’s costumes are majestically beautiful. These are what you imagine when thinking of period costuming, especially since they were featured in movies Vivaldi, un Prince a Venise and Eyes Wide Shut.

luxos venice atelier3


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