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A Sensorial Journey in Venice Featured

A drop of good perfume can be the best accessory to wear. 

by Sara Kaufman

Between the 13th and 16th century, Venice was at its maximum splendour. The city’s enigmatic beauty was increased by treasures like spices, essential oils, opium and liquors brought into Europe by commerce.

The most powerful men were merchants: adventurers who made their fortunes by travelling the mude – ancient trade routes – to the Far East. These men didn’t just trade raw materials; they learned the customs of the exotic worlds, encountered the sensuality of oriental women, the fierceness of the Bedouins and filled their eyes with Arabian sunsets. They came back bearing all the charm of experience and the scent of sea breeze.

The Merchant of Venice, artistic perfumery inspired by the Serenissima’s history, re-expresses the glory of these men in a modern key with its masculine collection, Nobil Homo, enriched today by a new fragrance, Venetian Blue Intense. Patchouli and birch create a musky and smoky base where fresh spices meet lemon and bergamot. Elegant, refined and deeply masculine, just like the ancient Venetian aristocracy that inspired it.


The brand also launches two new fragrances for its Murano Collection: Andalusian Soul, inspired by the Barbarian muda, and Mystic Incense, dedicated to the Syrian route.


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