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Venice's Space Enhancing Purchases Featured

Iconic Venetian brands to add a touch of class to your home..

by Cat Bauer

Enhance your space with these superb products that add a touch of sophistication to any home


jesurum 03 0530 prv

Founded in Venice in 1870 by Michelangelo Jesurum, the brand makes exclusive household linens in natural fibres, woven on traditional looms and embroidered by expert hands.

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VENINI Carnevale multicolor

The spirit of Paolo Venini lives on in the new and classic works of art that come straight from the furnace on the island of Murano to the shop in Piazza San Marco.

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Venice 5 300dpi

International publisher Assouline is renowned for its luxury lifestyle editions. Its Venice boutique is enriched by Fortuny wallpaper, exposed beam ceiling and walnut shelves.

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