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That sublime feeling you get when you slip under the covers of a plush hotel bed just got even better - wrap it up and take it home.

You know that feeling, when the linens are soft and warm, inviting you to stretch and explore the most comfortable nocturnal position you have ever encountered. A family-run company founded in the 1800s, the company's roots are nestled in the lap of Signora Emilia Burano's mother who knew the craft of lace making inside out. The handcrafted skill was passed down for generations until the company opened a factory and produced linens for private residences, luxurious hotels and even private jets. Today, the brand also offers home linens, including satin and cashmere, all designed and made in Venice, Italy. The brand also has a shop at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani (Giudecca 10, Venice). Hop over and enjoy a glass of wine while you're at it.


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Emilia Burano

Piazza Galuppi 205, Burano Island, Venice

+39 041 735 299