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Best of: Design Made in Venice Featured

Strolling along the canals of Venice and through the alleyways, it might be hard to see the forest from the trees. There, in the midst of antique shops, galleries and restaurants, are some of Venice's finest design ateliers. Discover a city that is more than an architectural wonder; it is an ever-growing hub cut out for modern design. Follow LUXOS for inspiration.

Alessandro Palwer

alessandropalwerDance Rose Gold Ring, Alessandro Palwer

Alessandro de Angelis Palwer knows jewellery. The Roman-born designer was the former creative director at Ungaro and costume maker for Italian Opera productions before opening his own jewellery atelier in Venice. What he brings to the table is nothing short of artistic expression. Polished elements embrace studs, gems and cut stones and whether the result is a big or delicate piece, each work of art is modern, elegant and stately. 

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Emilia Burano

Emilia Burano beddingEmilia Burano bedding


You know that feeling you get when you slip in your hotel bed at the end of the day, and the linens are soft and warm, inviting you to explore the most comfortable nocturnal position you have ever encountered? A family-run company founded in the 1800s, the company's roots are nestled in the lap of Signora Emilia Burano's mother who knew the craft of lace making inside out. The handcrafted skill was passed down for generations until the company opened a factory and produced linens for private residences, luxurious hotels and even private jets. Today, the brand also offers home linens, including satin and cashmere, all designed and made in Venice, Italy.


Chiarastella Catana 

chiarastellacatanainveniceChiarastella Catana, Venice

The texture and prints adorning the collections in this fabric shop are something to behold. It embodies the pride of what it means to be made in Italy, and in Venice, in particular. Scenes from everyday life on the lagoon, including its abundant natural environment, take shape on the designs, and behind each metre of quality textile is an in-depth study of Italian weaving traditions led by Chiarastella.

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Oliver Gabell 

oliver gabell veniceOliver Gabell, Venice

Led by a deep-rooted fascination for structure, design and modern youth's distinct interpretation of chic, the accessories brand delivers functionality and elegant design. Each item in the collection contains the absolute necessaires - what you'll get is an aesthetic design and high definition style. Zippers, buttons, clasps and bands are placed just where they need to be to ensure a no-fuss experience for a man on the move, without compromising on design impact. If this aesthetic speaks to your personal style, there's also a women's line.


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M. Gemi

m gemi shoesM.Gemi Shoes

To the Sicilian born designer, Maria Gangemi, we are now living in a post-luxury world where supreme craftsmanship and high-definition design can freely reign without the four figure price tag. Each pair of shoes is curated by true artisans from Veneto who follow reliable techniques and cultivate age-old tricks of the trade, feeling their way through layers of leather to create custom shoes and a high-end collection for men and women. While sold online, Gemi has set up two locations on the East Coast where clients can come for fitting and material selection.


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