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Hotel Ca Maria Adele Hotel's Own

Hotel Ca Maria Adele

An elegant, refined waterfront hotel in the centre of Venice

by 10 April 2018

 Renowned for its beauty and central location, the Hotel Ca Maria Adele in Venice is a glamorized dream for those looking to stay in the picturesque and romantic city. Located in the heart of Venice’s art district, the hotel offers panoramic views of the waterways and idyllic scenery with its perfect location right around the corner from Piazza San Marco. The hotel, which prides itself on delivering a reserved and intimate guest experience, has its own water entrance for guests to easily and privately access the hotel.

The opulent hotel offers twelve rooms, each adorned in classic Venetian style with dark wooded accents and deep colors present throughout the rooms. The hotel consists of five concept rooms, each inspired by a significant aspect of Italian culture, as well as five deluxe rooms and two suites that make up the lavish space. Every room includes marble floors, king sized beds with orthopedic mattresses, and complementary bathrobes.

Guests can relax at the hotel’s Lounge Living Room where plush velour sofas surround the cozy room adorned with classic portraits of Venetian Doge’s. The hotel also offers a Terrace where guests can enjoy their breakfast or simply relish in the serenity of their surroundings including the stunning views of the Salute Basilica. The hotel has a Breakfast room, as well, where guests can choose from other 70 menu items and begin their day in the ornate and welcoming space.

With a wonderfully scenic location, private pool, and incredibly attentive and hospitable staff, The Hotel Ca Maria Adele provides a one of a kind experience for guests seeking a romantic getaway in beautiful Venice.


Hotel Ca Maria Adele

Dorsoduro 111 30123 Venezia

+39 0415203078

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