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Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo

For many people, the moment they arrive on the dock of Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo is when they realize how truly fantastic Venice is.

by 28 September 2017

You rowed your boat on the Grand Canal passing by the music and joy onshore and slowly pulled in the private entrance of Palazzetto Pisani when the two 16th-century palaces welcomed you into the history and culture of hundreds of years.

Located near the Accademia Bridge and Campo Santo Stefano, Palazzetto Pisani is in the classiest part of the city. For centuries, these two palaces stand elegantly by the Grand Canal of Venice. Nowadays, the exemplary Venetian décor inside the two palaces is a textbook illustration of the old Italian style. However, Venetian décor is not the only element at Palazzetto Pisani, for in the rooms and suites there are multiple interior genres at play.

Oriental carpet, antique furniture and canvass paintings meet bright wall colours, contemporary bathroom, and minimalistic curtains. The fusion is perfectly tied together with the quiet flow of the Grand Canal right outside of your window in both Palazzetto Pisani and Palazzo Foscolo. If you want to break free from the touristy bounds, you can always book the Venetian apartments in the centre of the city through Palazzetto Pisani.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner, you don’t have to go anywhere else. At Pisanino Restaurant, you can enjoy your suppertime with your companion to the beautiful sceneries of the Palazzo Barbarigo, Guggenheim museum and Accademia Bridge.


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Palazzetto Pisani & Palazzo Foscolo

Sestiere San Marco, 2814, 30124 Venezia

+39 041 523 2550

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