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What Is The Keto Diet and Why Is It Good For You?
Published in Lifestyle

An interview with Dr. Adele Fantoni about the benefits of the keto diet.

Eating Green in Venice
Published in Food and Drink

Nutrition & lifestyle expert Sophie Eustache says “we are what we eat”

Fit and Detox in London
Published in Things to do

In a city full of events to attend, people to meet and places to see, putting out the best version of yourself is not to underestimate. Meaning that postponing that aqua yoga, or spa indulgence, is out of the question; especially if you live by the motto work hard, play hard. Here's where you can rejuvinate in the British captial.

Top Fitness Finds for the New Year
Published in Lifestyle

If you've set some New Year's resolutions that you want to keep for the long run, well done you! However it's equally important to have the right fitness tools to keep you on track to go with that mind set. 

Healthy Yet Satisfying Dining In Europe
Published in Food & Wine

Visit Europe's top healthy restaurants to kick start your 2018 - yet still satisfy those cravings.

The World's Healthiest Destinations
Published in Travel News

Want to live a long, healthy life? Why not consider vacationing at one of these health conscious destinations, where life expectancy is high and good food is in abundance?

How To: Stay Fit While Travelling
Published in Lifestyle

Stay in shape as you experience the world with LUXOS.

Healthy Eating in London
Published in Food and drink

Guilt-free dining at London’s growing army of health-conscious restaurants.