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Bacaro Tour Around Venice Featured

Discover an old, Venetian dining tradition.

by Naomi Vakharia

Milan has its aperitivo. Spain has its tapas. And Venice has its cicchetti. Growing in tourist popularity, this local tradition is a feat to experience. Cicchetti are small dishes features bread and fish assortments eaten at a bacaro, or small wine bar. With fresh fish, local produce, and ombra, or local wine, taking part in this tradition is a sensational flavour experience.

Osteria Do Spade

Tradition and authenticity combined with a fine-dining atmosphere describes Osteria Do Spade. With its own bacaro, this dining establishment offers the option of fresh cicchetti or restaurant-style service. With a rich history, this location is perfect for a relaxing dining experience in Venice. Enjoy the fresh seafood options and a refined style of cicchetti.

osteria do spade


Tucked away in an alleyway across the Rialto bridge is All’Arco. With a focus fresh seafood, this establishment is enjoyed by locals and recently, tourists, alike. A small establishment, All’Arco is the perfect cicchetti dining experience: authentic and fresh.


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Alla Vedova

A small tavern, Alla Vedova, is another Venetian dining staple. With famous polpette, or crispy meatballs, this establishment offers guests the variety of different Venetian-style dishes. With the classic seafood cicchetti, to a trattoria-style seating plan, this restaurant is perfect for a night out in the city.

alla vedova

Cantinone Già Schiavi

This restaurant is actually a wine shop that also offers a dining experience like no other. Ordering local wine here is a must and adds a local twist to this culinary tradition. While cicchetti are known to be based in seafood, this establishment is known for their fennel crostini. The restaurant is perfectly placed on the canals, allowing for diners to enjoy a beautiful view while eating local dishes.

cantinone gia schiavi

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Bacarando in Corte dell’Orso

This hidden treasure of the Venice cicchetti scene is beautiful and intimate. It is well worth the search to find it and the reward is even better. With locals and eager visitors, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The food- whether cicchetti or meals- is paired with a wide selection of local wines to enjoy.

luxos bacarando venice chicchettiThe Inner Courtyard. Photo Courtesy of Lavinia Pisani

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