Dining Through the Seasons of Venice Featured

Discover Venice's finest restaurants where you can experience fresh, seasonal tastes. 

Ristorante Quadri

Perched high on Mount Olympus overlooking Piazza San Marco, the Quadri serves food fit for the gods with a menu designed by the alchemist Max Alajmo, the youngest chef in history to be awarded three stars by the Michelin Guide back in 2002. Constantly experimenting with ways to relish nature, the Laguna tasting menu changes with the season, a chance to savour the flavours of the Veneto on your palate while gazing at Europe’s most beautiful drawing room below.


LUXOS Recommends: Roast suckling pig with cauliflower, white truffle and ricotta mozzarella gnudi

Fiaschetteria Toscana

Owner Stefano Busatto says he prepares food “for people who understand the difference.” His menu – and prices – change daily, depending on the market. Family owned for 60 years, Toscana’s 600 wines are chosen from some of the best cellars in Italy, and reflect its origins as a Tuscan wine shop. Mariuccia, the matriarch, whips up the dolci.

Fiaschetteria ToscanaFiaschetteria Toscana

LUXOS Recommends: Grilled Mediterranean turbot

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Ristorante Local

The Local is constantly experimenting, revamping traditional ingredients into works of art, always with an eye on sustainability. With Matteo Tagliapietra in the open-air kitchen, and a collaboration with Venice lagoon expert, biologist Lorenzo Bonometto, even the humble mackerel morphs into a tasty delight. The Local accommodates both demure and adventurous eaters.

LOCAL Sgombro pan di spezie pastinaca e frutto della passioneRistorante Local: Sgombro, pan di spezie, pastinaca e frutto della passione

LUXOS Recommends: Mackerel with parsnip, gingerbread and passion fruit

Osteria di Santa Marina

An innovative eatery in a cordial campo, owner Danilo Baldan is as refreshing as the traditional Venetian cuisine he serves. His partner, Agostino Doria, takes creative chances in the kitchen, coaxing local ingredients to strut their stuff and show off their historical flavours. Santa Marina features set-price tasting menus for every season.

Santa MarinaOsteria di Santa Marina

LUXOS Recommends: Tuna tartare with egg and black truffles 

1 Ristorante Quadri
2 Ristorante Fiaschetteria Toscana
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