I Figli delle Stelle I Figli delle Stelle

The new Venetian cuisine

The Ultimate classic Venetian cuisine revamped

Food in Venice has always had a distinct flavour. These restaurants, however, are revamping even the most classic dishes. Stop by any of these eateries for a new twist on tradition.

Ristorante Local

THE-LOCAL-6Ristorante Local

The Local is the hippest new eatery in town, owned by Luca and Benedetta Fullin, early-30s Venetian siblings with a passion for design and food. Luca is an artist, creating colourful plates based on traditional dishes, zapped with a contemporary flair. After years in London, Benedetta has come home to add an international flavour to the partnership. The Local is so named because everything is made locally, from the Venetian floor embedded with murrine, to the fresh catch from the Venice lagoon. www.ristorantelocal.com

I Figli Delle Stelle (Children Of The Stars)

20150702 211630I Figli delle Stelle

Simone Biasiutti is inspired by the ebb and flow of the Giudecca Canal, where outdoor tables offer a spectacular view of St. Mark’s and the Doge’s Palace. Inside, the decor is retro-chic, with comfy couches and vinyl on the stereo. Bright, bold local dishes with seasonal ingredients are painstakingly prepared, so be ready to relax and watch the sunset. www.ifiglidellestelle.it

Alle Testiere

 DSF8706Alle Testiere

Chef Bruno Gavagnin and sommelier Luca Di Vita plan their menus like a Venetian mother, decided by what’s fresh at the market. Testiere has no freezer, just a refrigerator full of Adriatic fish that you can look in the eye. With only 22 seats, there are three sittings: one for lunch and two for dinner. Luca says, “It is difficult to prepare something simple.” www.osterialletestiere.it

Harry's Bar

IMG 0394Harry's Bar

High society has grazed for decades at Harry’s Bar, where people-watching is the main show. Home of the Bellini and Carpaccio, they also make a mean martini. The chic decor has provided the perfect backdrop for the famous denizen and historic events that have passed through its doors; it was declared a national landmark in 2001. Four generations of Cipriani created a global empire with a secret ingredient that can’t be duplicated: they speak the language of the heart. Classic Venetian cuisine. www.harrysbarvenezia.com

Riviera Ristorante Venexia

capasanta-e-guancialeRiviera Ristorante Venexia

GP Cremonini declares, “I don’t have clients. I have Guests!” GP is radical about the food we put in our bodies, constantly questing for honest regional products. It is illegal to fish red tuna from the Adriatic Sea, but if one gets caught in the net, after calling the proper authorities, the fishermen call GP. Riviera has a great panoramic view of the Giudecca Canal. www.ristoranteriviera.it

Osteria ai Assassini

DNN 9296Osteria ai Assassini

Giuseppe Galadardi says, “Venetians don’t only eat fish.” On Monday, Assassini serves white meat: rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pheasant. Tuesday it’s stewed or braised meats; Wednesday it’s boiled meat; Thursday it’s five types of baccalà; and on Friday and Saturday, it’s traditional seafood. The former wine cellar of the patrician Marcello family is a local favourite. www.osteriaaiassassini.it

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6 Osteria ai Assassini