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Discover an old, Venetian dining tradition.

Be charmed by some of the best boutique restaurants in Venice. 

Nutrition & lifestyle expert Sophie Eustache says “we are what we eat”

Wonder meets fantasy as The Met Restaurant & Rose Room. Unleash your inner fashionista in this instagram worthy location. 

Bistro's are the new brunch. Book a table at Danieli to have all your senses heightened and palettes satiated.

Put a little dazzle into your dinner and visit Enrico's Bartolini's latest dining venture.

Try one of Venice's fine dining restaurants, that are fit for a Doge.

Piazza San Marco, the drawing room of Europe and it's wonderful historic coffee houses.

Discover Venice's finest restaurants where you can experience fresh, seasonal tastes. 

The wine shops of Venice offer a vast heritage of liquid culture