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Tour the Cultural Side of Tokyo Featured

 Explore a more traditional side of Tokyo with visits to these five beautiful destinations.

Kabukiza Theatre

kabuki theater 81808 1920

Kabuki is a Japanese classical dance-drama complete with stylised masks, elaborate costumes and ancient stories played out on a modern-day stage. The Kabukiza Theatre in Ginza is one of the most famous theatres in Japan, and its beautiful interior and gorgeous architectural style make it a worthwhile visit. Although performances take place in ancient Japanese, there are English audio guides that help narrate the fantastic and magical tales that come to life before your eyes. Kabukiza Theatre sells tickets by the act, and whether you choose to stay for a single act or a full play, experience a taste of this famous Japanese cultural event.

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Tokyo National Museum

Korin Fujin Raijin

With English guides and explanations beside each art piece, the Tokyo National Museum is the perfect start to a foray into the world of Japanese art, history, and culture. The museum's exhibitions display both ancient and contemporary eastern and western artists and reveal the stories and inspirations behind them. Learn about the ancient Japanese Wind and Thunder Gods, explore the works of master Buddhist sculptors, and walk through collections that celebrate intercultural dialogue in the museum's beautifully curated and presented collections.

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Sensōji and Meiji Jingu

sensoji 2032400 1920

Japan has more shrines and temples than one person could visit in a lifetime, but Sensōji and Meiji Jingu are two shrines within Tokyo that provide a perfect place to reflect on and learn about Japan's religious traditions. Be sure to visit the nearby Japanese gardens that serve as a verdant oasis in the middle of busy Tokyo.

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National Art Museum in Ueno Park

statue 1971861 1920

The National Art Museum in Ueno Park features both traditional and contemporary Japanese as well as international artists. Walk past pen and ink drawings, sculptures, painted fans and silk screens as you explore the various styles of Japanese art or take a peek at some of the Western art on display. With both permanent and rotating exhibitions, this museum has presented works by French impressionist Claude Monet and contemporary Japanese painter Hiroshi Sugito.

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Inokashira Park

boat 1835081 1920

Tranquil and beautiful at any time of the year, no trip to Tokyo would be complete without a visit to Inokashira Park. Wander through in the spring for magnificent (and instagrammable) views of Japan's famous cherry blossoms, or stroll through in winter and see the trees lit up for winter illumination. Along with the lovely scenery, the park has a petting zoo, a small aquarium and plenty of street performers and vendors to keep you entertained for hours.

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