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Experience Tokyo: Must Stops in the City Featured

Most recommendations of what to do in Tokyo usually involve either shopping or eating. Check out this guide if you are looking for a different experience of Tokyo.



Cupnoodle Museum 2Photograph by Asiatrend.org

Explore the story of Cup Noodles at the CUP NOODLES MUSEUM in a fully immersive experience that allows you to make (and eat) chicken ramem as well as design a cup of noodles of your own. If you are still hungry at the end of your tour, be sure to sample noodles from around the world at the Noodles Bazaar. Beloved by Japanese and international visitors alike, the CUP NOODLES MUSEUM is a great stop for the whole family.

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Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli WallpaperArtwork Compiled by Image Arcade

Bring your sense of adventure when you visit Tokyo's Studio Ghibli Museum. Learn about the world-famous film company's artistic process as well as the adventures of Kiki, Totoro, Howl, and other characters when you wander through the carefully curated exhibits. Loved by viewers from around the world, Studio Ghibli films feature strong female characters and draw upon traditional Japanese beliefs and culture.

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Imperial Palace

cherry blossom 238435 1920

At the heart of Tokyo lies the Imperial Palace. Full of history, the Tokyo Imperial Palace is a perfect destination to escape the noisy concrete jungle that is Tokyo and immerse yourself in the calmer, more verdant realm of royalty. Stroll through lush greenery and feast your eyes on buildings designed to look like cranes taking flight. After an afternoon here, you will discover why the world is fascinated by this unique and beautifully designed castle.

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Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

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Yasunari Kawabata's character Shingo in "The Sound of the Mountain" said about the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden that, "You can stretch out. It's like getting out of Japan - I wouldn't have dreamed that there was a place like this right in the middle of Tokyo." Peaceful and lush, visiting the National Garden provides the perfect break from a neon-lit city that is always on the go.

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Nyafe Melange

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Nothing is better than sipping a latte as you gaze out over the streets of Tokyo. Unless, of course, you're doing this with a cat. Tokyo is famous for its Neko (cat) Cafes. A perfect way to relax and destress after a busy day in the city, visiting Nyafe Melange, one of the best cat cafes in the city, is a not-to-be-missed cultural experience that began when the internet first started obsessing over these saucy felines.

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