12 Handpicked Boutiques in Tokyo Featured

A little shopping spree never hurt anybody

by LUXOS Editorial

Spring isn’t the only thing in bloom right now. Tokyo’s most unique boutiques are in high demand as bespoke gifts and one-of-a-kind experiences are quite popular this season. From trendy fashion boutiques, to unique souvenir spots, to authentic food stores, Japan’s shopping scene is all the rage right now. This guide, to our favorite boutiques, will help you navigate through the maze of chic stores.



Ca4La, or kashila, is the Japanese word for “head,” which could not be a more perfect name for this store. Ca4La lives and dies by one concept: hats. It provides customers with a wide variety of hats; Japanese-made, imported, and even collaborations with international artists, designers, and musicians. The company offers a plethora of services, and even allows to create bespoke hats. From casual to elegant, if you enjoy unique accessories this is the place for you.

BicQlo Shinjuku

A collaboration between two brands: Uniqlo and Bic Camera, BicQlo is a marriage of fashion and technology. From the fast fashion of Uniqlo, to one of Japan’s largest electronic franchises, BicQlo, you can enter this store and leave with a pair of trendy pants and a high quality camera. This one-of-a-kind experience is truly worthwhile.


Experience the haute jewellery brand, Mikimoto at its new Ginza flagship location. The flagship store was opened in June 2017 and boasts seven floors which display its iconic jewellery to bridal rings to high-end exclusive items. This store is unique as it pays tribute to Mikimoto’s deep roots and long-lasting legacy, it is definitely worth visiting.


Issey Miyake

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, Miyake hosts a selection of the most beloved brands, Issey Miyake Men, HaaT, and Issey Miyake Eyes. This 4-chrome location is designed to reflect maisonette-style layout with minimalism influences

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Nugoo Kamakura Marunouchi 

Need a souvenir? The latest trend in Japanese-style souvenirs are tenugui, or Japanese hand towels, which have gained popularity because of brands like Nugoo Kamakura. Pick up an authentic souvenir for your family and friends at the Marunouchi store, which is right outside Tokyo station. In fact, this location was the brand’s first store in Tokyo.


Kohgen Ueno

Gift someone truly unique by creating a personalized scent at Kohgen Ueno. This store not only has its own workshop, offered in both Japanese and English, but offers customized scents that can aromatise souvenirs. From senko, or incense sticks, to aromatised souvenirs, Kohgen Ueno offers customers a plethora of unique products to choose from.

Tokyo Noble

The Japanese iconic umbrella is featured in Tokyo Noble. The interior of this store is covered in these traditional umbrellas. They offer 3 main kinds of umbrellas, each type coming in 77 colours. Now, the famous “vegetabrella” is taking the community by storm and are designed exactly how it sounds: inspired by vegetables. If you can’t find your perfect accessory, you can always customise the umbrella for a truly one-of-a-kind product.


Located in Tokyo’s up-and-coming hot spot, Nakameguro, SML offers customers a plethora of product options for sale. From folk crafts, to ceramics, to other unique home goods, SML is perfect for accessorising your with that authentic Japanese touch. Bring home a little piece of Tokyo at SML.


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Mikuniya Zengoro

If you love tea, this is the place to be. Mikuniya Zengoro is undeniably Japan’s most elegant tea specialty franchise. With souvenirs galore, this store provides customers with the unique experience of shopping for authentic Japanese tea. Wrapped in cloth, or furoshiki, the wide variety of tea offered is perfect for all tea-lovers out there.

Ma-Suya Solamachi


Prefer salty or sweet? Ma-Suya Solamachi is the perfect place for you. This store is dedicated to collecting and selling the different types and flavours of salt. It pays homage to everyone’s favorite seasoning and allows for tasting of the different types in-store. Not sure about what to buy? There are “salt sommeliers” on hand to guide you.




Suzukien X Nanaya

If you like matcha, Suzukien X Nanaya is a match made in heaven for you! This popular gelato store specialises in matcha-flavoured ice cream, with different intensity levels for flavour. From level 1 as the mildest, to level 7 as the strongest, this green tea speciality store embraces your love for the taste.


Amezaiku, the traditional Japanese candy, is a surreal treat. Ameshin offers customers the opportunity to watch as the candies come to life in a variety of shapes and sizes. Almost too beautiful to eat, these stunning creations are perfect for gifts and photoshoots. If you’re ready to test your creativity, Ameshin also offers workshops for those interested.


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