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Best Japanese Beauty Stores in Tokyo Featured

These Japanese cosmetic brands bring femininity into full bloom. 

by LUXOS Editorial

Having just celebrated International Women’s Day, it is difficult not to be thinking about feminine beauty, which is defined by the confidence a woman has in herself. For centuries, women have been enhancing their sense of self with cosmetics. Some may consider this as a tribute to vanity, however the beauty product industry has actually been built on women knowing they deserve to feel as good about themselves as possible. Japan in particular has a rich history in supplying high end cosmetics. Each of the following Tokyo shops celebrate the natural allure of women by creating and selling sophisticated cosmetics.

Makanai Cosmetics

The story of Makanai Cosmetics dates back over a century ago when women working at Yoshitaka Gold-Leaf Foundry as manual goldbeaters began using their “makanai” (food and knowledge employees acquired on the job) — rice bran, green tea, Japanese washi paper — to protect their skin from the unfavorable humid factory conditions. They started to notice that their skin condition improved drastically and began to pen their beauty secrets. These recipes are what Makanai Cosmetics sells today.

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KohGenDo Azabu Juban

A beloved Japanese brand, KohGenDo was launched in 1986 as a cosmetics brand for women suffering from various skin problems. Their products are made using the cleanest of ingredients: fruit and botanical extracts and even organic cotton to list a few. Providing all-natural Japanese skincare and cosmetics, the flagship store in Azabu Juban is also a beauty salon, which offers exclusive facials and a variety of treatments guaranteed to provide both relaxation and deliver impressive results.

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Shiseido The Store

Here you can find the latest cosmetics from the Shiseido group, Japan’s most renowned cosmetics brand, in addition to a variety of services stretching from beauty treatments, hairdressing, a photo studio, beauty lessons in private rooms, and a café. For members of the store, there is the Beauty Up Cabin for regular consultations. Find total glamour between all of the products and services this store is waiting to provide.

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Ainz & Tulpe Harajuku

For the ultimate cosmetics shopping spree, head no further than Ainz&Tulpe, a franchise that has perfectly collected nearly all Japanese and mainstream foreign beauty brands under one single roof. They offer an extensive array of nail polish and fake eyelashes, all of which provide the look usually only achieved by professional makeup artists. Be prepared to spend a significant time here, especially since a skin consultation with the in-house estheticians is a necessity.

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