Souvenirs from Japan Featured

Bringing home a piece of Tokyo.

by LUXOS Editorial

After an amazing stay in Japan, it can be difficult to leave Tokyo without a little treasure from this great city. Souvenirs and gifts are a traveler’s favorite purchases, but how do you choose which items to return with? The days of postcards and magnets are in the past and the new souvenir is classy, elegant, and authentic to Japanese culture. Here are some of our top picks for best souvenir shops in Tokyo.

Kagami Crystal

Is your nearest and dearest fit for royalty? Bring them back a gift that proves just that! Kagami Crystal prides itself on being the longest established brand in the Japanese crystal industry. Founded in 1934, it has been the official supplier of glassware to the Japanese Imperial Household Agency. The Ginza-based store displays over 200 kinds of beautifully cut glassware and a plethora of gifts to choose from for that special someone in your life.


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Oriental Bazaar

Head to the Oriental Bazaar for all your authentic Japanese souvenirs. From traditional gifts to Japanese china, this store has a wide variety of trinkets that will reflect the time spent in Tokyo. The Oriental Bazaar has a facade modelled after a colourful shrine, with three floors showcasing all its products. Whether it’s a kimono or a piece of furniture, you can be sure to leave with a piece of Japan with you.


Hakuhinkan Toy Park

For all the little ones in your life, Hakuhinkan Toy Park is the store to go to. There’s absolutely no toy you can’t find in this child’s wonderland. While the first four floors are for toys, the eight story layout also houses restaurants and a movie theatre. It’s popular among locals and tourists alike and is hailed as Tokyo’s best toy store. Stocked with some 200,000 different toys- from Japan-exclusive finds to puzzles, figures, stuffed animals and everything in-between, you’ll have a hard time deciding what not to buy here.


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Beams Japan

Located in Shinjuku, Beams Japan houses six floors of varied items that can fulfill your souvenir needs. From traditional Japanese foods, to fashion statements, Beams has plenty of options for you to choose from. The diverse store incorporates culture, art, and crafts with its unique brands that make for the perfect gift.

Beams Japan

Noren Asakusa Store

Our final pick is Noren, specifically the store based in Asakusa. A well-established brand from Kyoto, Noren sells classic souvenirs, accessories, and Japanese-inspired home interior goods. Its defining factor is that the brand is constantly developing new items based on the customer’s suggestions and needs. It’s constantly improving upon itself which is why we recommend it for your next gift.



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