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Tokyo's Coolest New Stores Featured

Tokyo: the streetwear fashion capital of the world and the home of the Harajuku scene. For a shopping experience like no other, and for the most avant-guard fashion finds, check out the top 5 newest, trendiest shops in the city.


Laforet, a department store and museum located in the Harajuku commercial and entertainment district of the Shibuya neighborhood, is known for cutting edge designs and everything quirky. At Laforet you'll find everything from Harajuku style to ame-kaji, even gothic with a Japanese touch. Due to its popular location, the turnover is fast—every time you visit you’ll definitely find something new.

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Minä Perhonen

Minä Perhonen is a fashion and textile brand and store founded by the famous Japanese designer Akira Minagawa. The Minä Perhonen brand was inspired by Minagawa’s love for Scandinavian culture. In accordance with its namesake, Minä Perhonen, which means I Butterfly, each design is as unique as a butterfly’s wings and features whimsical prints and bold colours.



Candy, a boutique in Shibuya, specialises in the type of streetwear you see all over Tokyo. Here you’ll find colourful, high quality garments as well as one-of-a-kind vintage items and faux-vintage collectables. Shopping at Candy is as fun as being in a candy shop: this boutique sells clothing from more than 20 different brands that each have their own particular flare.

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Lalia Tokio

With an interior that is just as futuristic as the clothing it sells, shopping at Lalia Tokio is truly an experience. If you’re passionate about both fashion and art, you’ll definitely find something you like at this New Couture themed boutique. Lalia Tokio is known for its collection of hard-to-find labels such as Helmut Lang and Raf Simons, as well as its edgy, modern, pieces from new local designers.

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The Filth & The Fury

The Filth & The Fury is hard to miss. Its dark mysterious windows and bright blue neon lights entice locals and tourists alike to have a look inside. The Filth & The Fury is a primarily menswear label that features dark-coloured, rock & roll-esque designs all by the NEIGHBORHOOD label. You’ll also find the best sneakers and accessories that’ll make you stand out. If you’re into a bold yet enigmatic look, this is the coolest place to shop.

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