Five Stops to Make on a Shopping Tour of Tokyo Featured


Tokyo's more than a dozen shopping districts can make shopping in the city a stressful experience. To help you, here is a list of the five must-visit stores within the city.



The designer brand BEAMS has a reputation as one of the hottest names in Tokyo and is at the forefront of Japanese fashion. Also a department store, BEAMS carries the latest styles in the world. If you're looking for high-end purses by Japanese designer Yoshida and Co, or pieces from collaborations with international artists, then this is one stop you need to make.

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Found MUJI

Found Muji1

The lights, sounds and bustle of Tokyo fall away when you enter Found MUJI, a minimalist department store. With simple designs and muted colours, MUJI's clothing and wares draw upon the teachings of Zen Buddhism and Shintoism. Although MUJI's clothing and home items are well crafted, some of MUJI's most popular items are their stationary and pen sets. Whatever you find here, it will be simple, elegant, and useful -- the essence of MUJI's brand.

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Hysteric Glamour

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Rock-n-Roll meets grunge in the edgy styles of Hysteric Glamour, a trendy retro-tinged clothing shop. Mentioned in Gwen Stefani's song, "Harajuku Girls," and featured in Playboy magazine, Hysteric Glamour is quickly becoming recognised as a noteworthy international brand.

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Samantha Thavasa

miranda kerr samantha thavasa ladies tournament 03

Samantha Thavasa has some of the finest handbags and purses in the world. Made in Japan and the last word in luxury handbags, shopping at Samantha Thavasa is an excellent way to treat yourself while in Tokyo.

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Tsumori Chisato Aoyama


Tsumori Chisato Aoyama's boutique displays and styles change with each season. Bohemian in look and feel, all of the clothing is made with ease of movement and fluidity in mind. Whimsical in nature and design, Tsumori Chisato Aoyama offers a different, softer, look to the world of Japanese design.

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