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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

Experience Tokyo with the ultimate touch of luxury.

by 10 June 2019

The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo fuses international influences with nods to Japanese culture, refined with the hospitality that have become celebrated of the land of the rising sun. Located just outside Tochomae Station and only a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, one of the most popular shopping and entertainment hubs of this upbeat city, the hotel is of walking distance to Tokyo's city hall, which has free top-floor observatories that offers panoramic views of the capital and on a clear day, the famous Mount Fuji.

The hotel has a whopping 1,440 guest rooms and suites, all of which allow guests to enjoy the spectacular city views of Tokyo from wide picture windows. The Standard Room are designed with neutral tones and tasteful decorations for a tranquil atmosphere. The spacious Deluxe Room ensures ultimate comfort and relaxation, making it a home away from home. The beautiful Suite pays tribute to customary Japense houses with fusuma sliding doors, tatami flooring and shōji-style windows, bringing a sense of culture and tradition to the experience from the heart of the city.

With 16 restaurants and bars, the hotel provides a wide range of dining options including Chinese, Korean, French, Italian and Japanese. Under the Japense fare are Yamanami, focusing on teppan-yaki cuisine in which the food is cooked right before your eyes in an extravagant live performance, Shun, which serves up sizzling-hot tempuras and Soujuan, specializing in the art of kaiseki — a multi-course meal that expresses the beauty of the season using fresh seasonal ingredients. The ultimate stops for seafood lovers are Kyubey, a stylish sushi establishment and Kagari, where the simplicity of Japanese cooking is honored.

Other facilities include an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a business center, a day care service and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. There are also a convenience store, a food boutique and a shopping floor, allowing guests to bring a piece of Tokyo home.


Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo 160-8330, Japan

+81 3 3344 0111


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