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Tokyo Station Hotel

History and modernity; convenience and elegance.

by Ann Bargstedt 30 January 2019

Styled to provide every comfort of today but also the allure of the past, the Tokyo Station Hotel eases its guests into Tokyo. With a storied past, this hotel offers a beacon into both the history and the current climate of Japan. Each of the 150 rooms was redesigned and renovated in 2012 to welcome guests into the culture of Tokyo with lofty ceilings and massive windows.

A range of facilities for wellness is found directly within the hotel. The Jexter Tokyo is the hotel’s fitness lounge, which offers the latest exercise equipment and in-house personal training. Spa Tokione offers a series of treatments for one’s skin and body that also heal one’s soul.There is also a facility dedicated to baths and saunas that guests are invited to enjoy.

The Tokyo Station Hotel is home to 10 restaurants. Each menu features a different style of cuisine, such as sushi, Italian food or bar food. Guests are always able to find the perfect dining option to fulfill their desires. For instance, Michelin 1-star chef Ken Takase offers Cantonese menus at Cantonese “En” Ken Takase, including an entire vegetarian menu. At the Tokyo Station Hotel, dining is an endless adventure.

While one may be tempted to remain at the Tokyo Station Hotel for their entire stay, the hotel is perfectly situated for travel both within Tokyo and throughout Japan. Tokyo Station is directly connected to the hotel, making travel within the city seamless. Bullet trains that travel to other parts of Japan are just a few minutes walk away.

Also in extreme proximity to the hotel are other historical landmarks and commercial areas. These include the Imperial Palace as well as the Ginza Shopping District. In the heart of the city, the Tokyo Station Hotel provides both a geographically and aesthetically perfect place to reside.


Tokyo Station Hotel

1 Chome-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan

+81 3-5220-1111

Tokyo Station Hotel

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