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hotel koe

 Art, music, fashion, and food in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo.

by Victoria Stone 20 November 2018

Situated in the heart of the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan, is hotel koe. This design hotel’s theme is based on three key words, ‘stay,’ ‘fashion,’ and ‘music.’ Koe is broken down into three sections, with the first floor being dedicated to eating and music, the second floor is for shopping and sleeping, and the third floor is for art. The hotel’s thematic and artistic aspect makes it an ideal choice for travellers seeking a unique, creative stay and experience.

The spaces available to hotel goers are called “guest rooms,” and they are located on the second floor. There are a variety of different size guest rooms that you can choose to stay in, including Standard, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, and stylistically speaking, they combine traditional Japanese design with ultra modern. The rooms are intended to mimic a major aspect of Japanese culture, the “Tea Ceremony Room,” as they are minimalist and rectangular in shape. The guest rooms also have a grey aesthetic, in that the walls, floor, and blanket are all a deep silverish shade, yet this darkness is balanced out by the large, contemporary windows which allow light to shine through.

Hotel koe offers a wide array of amenities, making for an enjoyable and wholesome stay. It is not even necessary to venture outside of the hotel for a morning meal, as koe has breakfast available to all of its guests every day, which typically features various toast and egg dishes. The hotel also has a bakery restaurant, “Koe Lobby,” which has a vast menu, offering dishes from steak and french fries to fresh pastries such as croissants. The second floor houses the hotel’s apparel shop, “Koe Shibuya,” all of whose merchandise is a result of collaborations with various artists and illustrators. Koe also has a private lounge, where guests can socialize with one another while trying out the bar’s traditional Japanese teas or signature cocktails in a laid-back ambiance.


hotel koe

3-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan

+81 3-6712-7251

hotel koe

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