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Aman Tokyo

Luxury resort brand offers chic simplicity and flawless design with its first truly urban hotel.

by 29 October 2015

Aman is famous for luxury boutique resorts with sprawling grounds that capitalize on the natural beauty of out-of-the-way locales, but with Aman Tokyo, they are proving they can do sophisticated urban escapes just as well.

Located in Otemachi, just a stone's throw from the hubs of Tokyo Station, Ginza and Nihonbashi, Aman Tokyo occupies the top six floors of a 40-storey office building. On clear days, they get views of Mt. Fuji, which they use to great effect, particularly from the pool, where the water level obscures the vast stretch of concrete separating you from Japan's most iconic sight.  

Kerry Hill's design draws heavily on elements from traditional Japanese residences. The dramatic multi-storey reception area is modelled on the engawa that separates the home from an inner garden. It is decorated with lovely ikebana arrangements and bonsai, with a rock garden and pool in the centre. The 84 rooms make deft use of sliding shoji doors and tokonoma alcoves for displaying art. The colour palate is all natural, with grey basalt and light-toned Japanese cypress and ash featuring heavily, and the overall effect is understated, chic and very in tune with the local atmosphere.

The spa, always spectacular at an Aman resort, doesn't disappoint or stray from the Japanese aesthetic. A heated pool with city views recalls the onsen hot spring experience, while several of the treatment rooms have traditional soaking baths and steam rooms. Beyond the usual massages and facials, you can get treatments drawing on ancient kampo medicine and seasonal ingredients.

Restaurant by Aman, headed by chef Eiji Ohata, strangely opts to focus on Mediterranean cuisine, though prepared with locally sourced ingredients and skilfully presented. With your dinner or at The Lounge next door, try Aman's signature sake, brewed by Masumi Sake. The Lounge also offers a not-to-be-missed high tea, served on black bamboo stands. For light fare, there is also Cafe by Aman on the ground floor, where you can sit outside in a manmade grove.

Aman Tokyo

1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

+81 (0)3 5224 3333