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Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Published in Hotels

Experience Tokyo with the ultimate touch of luxury.

Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo
Published in Hotels

An exceptional place of luxury and rejuvenation can be found in the heart of Tokyo.

Where to drink in Tokyo
Published in Food and drink

 Find your new favorite drink in Tokyo

Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
Published in Hotels

A 5-star stay in the heart of Tokyo. 

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Published in Hotels

A luxury stay in residential Tokyo.

Spring Festivals in Tokyo
Published in Things to do

Spring is arguably the best time to visit Tokyo. Along with the blossoming of the sakura cherry blossom trees, fewer tourist crowds, and of course beautiful weather, there are lots of exciting activities and traditional Japanese festivals happening around the city.

Best International Restaurants in Tokyo
Published in Food and drink

Tokyo is a dynamic international city full of diversity and excitement. Here you’ll be able to try some of the best sushi in Japan, but did you know that Japan also has a wide range of international restaurants? If you’re passionate about international cuisine, or if you’re just interested in trying something new, make a reservation at one of these highly-rated restaurants.

The World's Healthiest Destinations
Published in Travel News

Want to live a long, healthy life? Why not consider vacationing at one of these health conscious destinations, where life expectancy is high and good food is in abundance?

Published in Food and Drink

A fine blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, Izakaya gives a new flavour to the diners of Hamburg.

Asia Pacific's Mind-Blowing Scenery Views
Published in Travel News

No two places in the world are the same, LUXOS picks out Asia Pacific's most impressive destinations.