Essential Food Tasting in Tokyo Featured

 The best of the city’s many dining options

by LUXOS Editorial

Tokyo is like the entire world wrapped up inside one city. This being the case, the dining scene of this metropolis is dominated by Japanese, international, and never-before-seen flavor. The purpose of food in Tokyo is not to sustain, but instead to entertain. Every meal is an experience that leads diners into a new world. This city all but requires a visit, and its dining options in no way fall short of that standard.

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Ninja Akasaka

You have to guard your food here well enough as the ninja in house can sneak upon you at any minute. In fact they will – from the moment you step in this Edo castle-inspired diner, while you’re enjoying your delicious Japanese food, until the moment you’ve had enough and are ready to go back to reality. Ninja Akasaka is one of the best and most popular themed-restaurants in Tokyo, if you enjoy some entertainment with your food.

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Gyoza It.

Specialising in the next it fast food in Japan is Gyoza It. This restaurant ups the dumpling game by offering an unprecedented variety: think eggplant or duck gyoza and rare dipping sauces with truffle salt, grain mustard, and yuzu kosho. Add champagne and wine to this and you’ll start seeing gyoza in a whole different way.

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Menya Itto

Though located a bit far from central Tokyo, Menya Itto is a place worth stopping by if you love Japanese ramen noodles. Hugely popular among locals, there are queues in front of this small eatery day and night, but that’s all for a good reason: the noodles here are simply the best.

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Le Parc Ebisu

Inspired by the concept of “a small Chinese restaurant in downtown Paris”, Le Parc is a French restaurant with the authentic feel of a Hong Kong diner at its heart, specialising in Hong-Kong style dimsum. The taste is as real as it gets, the variety is impressive, the vibe is more than inviting.

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