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3 Essential Bakeries in Tokyo Featured

Venture outside of traditional Japanese food by indulging in the finest bread and pastries that Tokyo has to offer.

by Victoria Stone

From cutting edge design to creative fashion and latest technology, Tokyo is a city that will hardly leave you without things to do; taking the time to indulge in a sweet snack, or morning glory is therefore mandatory. Options are endless and they go way beyond traditional Tamagoyaki (Japanese-style egg omelettes), consider trying these three bakeries recommended by locals. 

Garden House Crafts 

If you are visiting Tokyo, head over to Garden House Crafts, a high end, breakfast and lunch cafe located in Shibuya. This contemporary eatery serves up a wide array of fresh pastries, toasts, and eggs which are made this seasonal fresh ingredients. From chestnut ginger croissants to carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, there is something to satisfy everyone's sweet cravings. For those opting for a savory option, try Garden House Craft’s Avocado Toast with arugula, a great choice if you are looking to venture outside of traditional bakery food while simultaneously getting a taste of the bakery’s soft and delicious bread. During your visit at Garden House Crafts, you can choose to enjoy your meal or pastry inside the cafe, or in their outdoor terrace seating. Both inside and outside are stocked with sleek wooden tables and black metal chairs, allowing you to enjoy your coffee or brunch in a pleasant, modern atmosphere.

tokyo garden house

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Katane Bakery 

Opened in 2002 in the residential area of Yoyogi Uehara, Katane Bakery is a small, homey bakery within walking distance of the Hatagaya Train station. The bakery provides bread to many local craft bakeries and offers a large array of pastries and sweets, and is especially well known for their fresh baguettes. Local people line up outside the door, particularly during holidays, just to get this incredible bakery’s bread.

tokyo bread lab


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Aux Bacchanales

Enjoy an authentic French baguette or pastry at Tokyo’s Aux Bacchanales, just one of the chain’s seven locations in Japan. The bakery offers over 70 different types of fresh bread, from sweet to savory and everything in between. You can choose from hard breads, viennoiseries, side dishes, sandwiches, and soft breads. All of the ingredients are directly from France, even the chocolate in the Pain au chocolat is imported! In addition to the authentic bakery food that Aux Bacchanales serves up, your pain can be enjoyed in a space which feels like a traditional French ambiance. The classic red seating and mirrors that cover the interior of the restaurant along with the French posters on the wall, are reminiscent of a Parisian eatery.

Aux Bacchanales


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