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Best International Restaurants in Tokyo

Tokyo is a dynamic international city full of diversity and excitement. Here you’ll be able to try some of the best sushi in Japan, but did you know that Japan also has a wide range of international restaurants? If you’re passionate about international cuisine, or if you’re just interested in trying something new, make a reservation at one of these highly-rated restaurants.

Salt by Luke Mangan

Salt is an Australian restaurant in central Tokyo. Head chef Takuya Saito’s full-course menu highlights the best of Austrailia’s classic dishes and adds a touch of traditional Japanese flare. Fans of barbecue and hearty meals are sure to enjoy a dinner at Salt.

Le Pain Quotidien Shiba Park

The best international restaurant for breakfast or brunch is Le Pain Quotidien. At Le Pain Quotidien, which is more of a café or bakery than a full-scale restaurant, you can enjoy French and Belgian pastries and a huge selection of delicacies, breads, and desserts along with a nice cup of coffee. Despite being located close to main attractions such as the Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji Temple, the ambience is quite laid-back and relaxing.

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Andaz Tavern

Andaz Taven, a high-rise restaurant in Toranomon Hills that is both a feast for the eyes and the palette. Andaz Tavern specialises in European provincial cuisine prepared with seasonal indigenous Japanese ingredients, and also offers stunning views of the city over the Imperial Palace—it’s said to be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Tokyo. And vegans or those with dietary restrictions can dine at Andaz Tavern stress-free.

Ivy Place

A stylish Brew Pub and international restaurant located in the heart of Daikanyama, Ivy Place hits the spot if you’re craving classic American breakfast, Mexican cuisine, seafood, almost everything under the sun. In the mood for some fluffy pancakes and eggs during dinnertime? Stop by Ivy Place for a bite to eat. With its good food, lively energy, and an airy modern interior, Ivy Place is a popular favorite.

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