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The Best Lunches in Tokyo Featured


The Japanese take their food very seriously, and these lunch places will not disappoint.

Sushi Kanesaka

Shinji by Kaneska Raffles sashimi tunaPhotograph Courtesy of Hungryhoss

If you are looking for some of Tokyo's finest sushi and sashimi, Michelin-starred restaurant, Sushi Kanesaka should be one of your first choices. With both dinner and lunch options, this upscale restaurant serves flavourful and delicious meals at any time of day. If you are unsure of what to order, let the chefs decide for you; they prepare the food in front of you and always have excellent recommendations.

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DSC 4997Photograph Courtesy of The Nibble and Scribble, Joone!

A local favourite, Gogyo is a perfect place to stop and sample Japanese ramen. Although the restaurant has a variety of options, including Japanese pot stickers and grilled vegetables, Luxos recommends the restaurant's signature dish, burnt or roasted ramen, depending on the translation. Unlike most ramen restaurants in Tokyo, Gogyo is a sit-down style meal, making it a perfect place to take a lunchtime break with family and friends.

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Tsukiji Fish Market

MBP Tsukiji Fish Market 20120412 7250Photography by Martin Bailey

The largest wholesale market in the world, dining at Tsukiji Fish Market is a unique experience. With readily available raw ingredients and freshly caught fish served at each restaurant, you cannot go wrong with anything you try here. After a long lunch, explore the market and discover another side of Tokyo.

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FIMAISENPhotograph Courtesy of Pepper

Maisen is known for its light and flakey tonkatsu, or breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet, usually served with a secret sauce, rice and miso soup. If you are curious about the meat, menus also come with information about the different cuts of pork, the origins of the pig, and the flavour profile of each type of cut. Lunch at Maisen is a flavourful affair that will satisfy any Japanese food connoisseur.

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Ginza Akebono

ginza akebono mochi sweetsPhotography by Aileen, from I am Aileen

No meal would be complete without dessert, and Ginza Akebono is the perfect stop for a treat after lunch. Any dessert here is worth sampling, but locals swear that the fresh mochi (a sweet, chewy Japanese rice cake) is delicious.

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