Nadaman's seasonal gourmet experience Featured

From the best catch of the day to signature dishes, seasonality reigns supreme



Founded in Tokyo, 1830, Nadaman boasts branches in major cities around the world, and its location at the Shangri-la Hotel is definitely worth a trip. Shangri-la’s founder Robert Kuok had been a great fan of Nadaman’s for many years, when he invited the restaurant to join his hotel group.


Seasonality plays an important role in the menu at any Japanese restaurant, and the head chef of each Nadaman restaurant expressed the seasonal theme in a unique manner. Chef Takehiko Yoshida established Nadaman in Shangri-la Hotel, Hong Kong, in 1995, and returned to the Tokyo outpost in 2004. Though it has been over 12 years since he went back to Japan, he still speaks amazingly fluent Cantonese.


Shangri La Nadaman Chef YoshidaChef Takehiko Yoshida

One of Nadaman Tokyo’s best seasonal dishes is the sashimi carved from never-been-frozen fish, which offers an outstanding freshness. Every day, suppliers send images of the catch of the day directly to Chef Takehiko, establishing a very close relationship that benefits the quality of the seafood served at the restaurant.

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Though the menu changes with the season, the signatured dish - steamed egg - is a must-try. The rich combination of fresh foie gras, black truffles and smooth egg that melts in your mouth proves to be absolutely delicious. The succinct selections of sashimi serves only the best, making Nadaman an unsurpassed and unpassable experience.