When Is Hot In St. Moritz Featured

Soak up the sun in this Swiss escape.

by Angelina Hazzouri

Chances are you probably associate St. Moritz with winter, but this summer, it’s at the top of our list, and it should be on yours too. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities are some of our favorite aspects of St. Moritz in the summer... but the best part? You can still indulge in your beloved Swiss comfort food, all season long.

Lake St. Moritz

Though the frozen lake in the winter is a marvelous sight to see, you can enjoy it in the summer too ‒ without all the layers. Get to Lake St. Moritz early in the day for a peaceful walk or perhaps a swim. You’ll notice the water is decorated with sailboats and fishermen, joined by mountains as the backdrop, making it all seem like a painting.

esm1218 Lake St Moritz Swiss image ch

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Segantini Museum

Run by the Giovanni Segantini Foundation, the Segantini Museum pays homage to the late Alpine painter and his vision. As Segantini is regarded as a precursor of modernism, his pictures found in the museum’s extensive collection portray human existence in harmonious accord with nature. The perfect theme for a naturally beautiful place like St. Moritz!

segantini museum

Enjoy an Engadine Walnut Tart

Engadine walnut tarts are the epitome of the St. Moritz food scene ‒ and they’re not just enjoyed in winter. This nutty, buttery delicacy is a traditional Engadine pastry, and you’ll find some of the best in St. Moritz. Check out Cafe Hanselmann or Bäckerei-Konditorei Bad for some top-of-the-line tarts. We’re betting you’ll go back for more.

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Shopping on Via Serlas

Home to the best luxury and trendy fashion brands, Via Serlas is the ultimate destination for avid shoppers in St. Moritz. On this quaint street lined with high-end stores and boutiques, shopping is more than just shopping, as the Alpine mountains are always in view and a good meal isn’t hard to find nearby.

Filip Zuan Shopping

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Sunset at Summit of Muottas Muragl

Summer is perfect for hiking and biking, and St. Moritz is the perfect place to do both. Just over the Upper Engadine lakes, you’ll find one of the best views in all of Switzerland: at the summit of Muottas Muragl. You can even enjoy dinner at the top of the mountain at Panoramic Restaurant. A workout and a reward!

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