An Essential Guide to Drinking in St. Moritz Featured

Wine, Glühwein, whiskey and more, St. Moritz offers drinks for any palette... and they do it right.

by Angelina Hazzouri

You may know the ancient tales of St. Bernard dogs carrying brandy to travellers in the Swiss Alps to rescue them from the bitter temperatures. Since then, drinking has remained an essential treatment for warming up in the mountains. Whether you prefer to sip on something from the world's largest selection of whiskies or you'd rather indulge in a Bombardino, there is something for everyone in St. Moritz, which is why we've compiled the essential drinking guide to this cosy alpine resort town.

For Wine

Pavarotti 1©PAVAROTTI

Sometimes the best way to enjoy wine, especially if you know you'll be having more than one glass, is to visit a wine bar. Pavarotti Wine Bar combines passion with flavor in their charming, family-owned space that has been around for over 13 years. With the idea of conviviality in mind, the Pavarotti family wants their customers to feel at home in their cosy wine bar. The owner frequently gets to know his loyal customers on a personal level, and there is even a sign that says "No WiFi... talk to each other!" to encourage this embodiment of a friendly atmosphere. Pavarotti offers a vast selection of Italian wines, and their simple selection of food consists of traditional Italian meals, such as handmade pasta dishes. For an unforgettable drinking experience with friends, this is the place.

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For Whiskey

Whiskybar1©DEVIL'S PLACE

Containing the largest whiskey taproom in the world, Devil's Place offers a variety of over 2,500 whiskies. Driven by his passion for whiskey, Claudio Bernasconi, the owner of the Devil's Place, sought to break the world record for volume of whiskey after hearing a story about a Dutch man who owned a bar with 100 different whiskies... and he certainly broke it. The Devil's Place is considered a mecca for whiskey lovers from all over Europe, as well as many visitors from other continents. Whiskey tastings are available, which offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy the taproom with friends, and there is also an option to "whiskey & dine."

For Glühwein

clem onojeghuo 179398 unsplash 1

The aroma of Glühwein, commonly known as mulled wine, is something you'll be smelling throughout your time in St. Moritz. Consisting of red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins, this is a traditional winter drink that is popular all over Europe. You'll find it around every corner you turn in St. Moritz, but the place to try is Hauser Roo Bar. One of the best genuine après-ski spots in St. Moritz, the Roo Bar has become a local legend, where guests of old and young, local and visiting come to gather and unwind after a successful day on the slopes. Glühwein is the speciality, and they also have a popular homemade hot chocolate for the smaller ski prodigies.

For Bombardino

cocktail invernali bombardino 1

Bombardino is a popular Italian drink during the winter, especially in ski resorts like St. Moritz. The drink is made by mixing Advocaat or eggnog with brandy, and it is served hot and with whipped cream on top. You'll find this across most ski resorts in St. Moritz - if not all of them. 

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For Beer

64747 536828156348991 2011877996 n 1©STÜBLI BAR

If you've spent enough time warming up after a long day of skiing, enjoy a draught beer from Stübli, described by the establishment as a place "where friends become strangers." Your evening might start with just a beer or two, but as soon as the music comes on, the Stübli transforms into a completely different atmosphere. Open from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM daily during the winter, this is a place where locals and visitors alike return every year to make memories encompassed by the cosy yet lively character of the setting.

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