The event to watch: Salon du Luxe Paris

In July, the Paris Innovation Luxury Summit returns with a second edition


Paris Editor

Launched last summer, the multi-sector Salon du Luxe (Luxury Summit) welcomed over 850 attendees to the Maison de la Chimie in Paris, making it an unprecedented hit-event within the luxury market. This year, the second edition begins on 6 July and runs for two days. It promises to be even bigger, stretching over 750 square metres, a space three times the size of last year’s summit.

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Facade-St-DoMaison de la Chime

Focused on innovation across all sectors of the luxury industry (fashion and accessories, gastronomy, property and design, jewellery and watches, hotels and leisure, and wine and spirits), “the aim is to explore the problematic areas of the luxury industry and to participate in the evolution of the sector in order to surprise the consumer, to reinvent the rules, and to always evoke dreams. More than a professional event, the Salon du Luxe is a veritable experience,” explain the organisers of the fair.

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A platform for discussing how to innovate within the luxury market through a number of conferences and other events, this year the summit will be centred on several key themes. Subjects broached will include how to reinforce Paris’ appeal, how luxury is returning to the essential, future and post-digital luxury trends, the future of luxury retail, the evolution of the luxury market over the last year, how ethical luxury can be more than a fad, whether luxury brands per se still exist, trends in architecture and design, the evolution of the media, and how to better position a brand in South America.

SDL15Salon du Lux 2015

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This year, conferences will be led by a number of speakers including Christian Boyens (Director General of The Ritz Paris), Véronique Queffelec (Founder of Euromédiations), Christophe Pradere (CEO and Founder of BETC Design) and Lucien David Langman (President of the Compagnie Nationale des Experts MCTH).

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Twinned with Dubai’s Arab Luxury World, which highlights local key luxury concepts like novelty, audacity and high technology, the Paris outpost will remain in keeping with culture in France where luxury is synonymous with tradition, savoir-faire and elegance. Echoing these core values, the summit’s numerous and diverse range of speakers will once more share their views on how to innovate in creating a stronger, more qualitative and longer lasting experience of products and services for the consumer, in France and also on global markets. 6 and 7 July 2016. Passes from €450 to €2,835.