An interview with Elnara Kirasawa

LUXOS interviewed Azerbaijani, Milan-based designer Elnara Kirasawa about her new collection ‘Cocoon’.

LUXOS: Congratulations on the show!

Elnara Kirasawa: Thank you very much! Hope you enjoyed the atmosphere! We’re also happy to have you here.

L: For how many years have you run the brand?

E: This is our first capsule collection, but we’ve been preparing for a long time, from the setting of the stage, to the selection of models who can best express the spirit of our collection. We chose Corso Como because this is not only one of the most bustling areas in the city, but also a cultural icon that is becoming more recognised globally. We want to have the first beat in the heart of the fashion capital.

IMG 6866

L: As a young brand, what do you think is the main difference between EK and the big names like Gucci and Prada?

E: What’s important for me, or for a young brand like us, is to find a different perspective about fashion. We put a strong emphasis on materials and the handmade quality; we want our clients to feel the emotion of the clothes.

L: So you’ve clearly put a lot into this collection?

IMG 6870

E: As a capsule collection, I hope that the enthusiasm we all feel about summer can still make its presence felt in the fall/winter season. For this collection, I’ve used warm materials like furs, but in terms of design, instead of wrapping the girls up and layering the fabrics, as people always do in cooler seasons, I’ve tried to leave enough room for the feminine charm and sexuality to come through. So this collection is both hot and cool.

L: What’s your country of origin?

E: Azerbaijan.

L: Do you define yourself as an Italian designer?

E: I would say yes. I’ve studied and lived in Milan for 10 years. I’m greatly influenced by Italian fashion.

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L: Do you have any plans to take your designs to Azerbaijan or any other countries?

E: Why not! My link with Azerbaijan is important for me, of course. And I'm also glad to see that some Chinese buyers are here today, we will definitely consider the other markets as we grow.

L: Thank you very much! Congratulations again on tonight!