Eros in Pompeii ISAIA

Eros in Pompeii

ISAIA Napoli's fall/winter collection evokes contemporary passion.

Red, a colour that inspires passion, also represents ISAIA's passion for time-honoured craftsmanship, obsession for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality that has its roots in Naples, Europe's sartorial capital. The Italian family-owned luxury menswear brand has created a new collection inspired by the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.


For the fall/winter 2015 collection, ISAIA looked to the beautiful mosaics that adorned Pompeii's stately villas. Each tile is a brilliant example of colour, design and form in its own right. In unison, they create something compellingly stunning. These esthetic codes are reflected in ISAIA’s design, form and colour of individual pieces which, when put together, present something phenomenal. This season's motif is a set of ornate monochromatic tiles, which tie together the whole collection. The Red Pompeiano – luscious shades of ochre and muddy, blood red – permeates the collection that has all the character of the ancient Roman frescoes.

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Button-down shirts and waistcoats in Red Pompeiano plaid pair effortlessly with pullovers in the same colour, like love at first sight.

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Beautiful scarves boast colourful patterns and sumptuous textures, while the rich hue of a luxuriously tactile Red Pompeiano pocket square can complement any ensemble.

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