Cool design inspiration by Italian Framing Art

Italian Framing Art creates bespoke furniture for the new generation of prestige interiors. Specialists in the cool, dark looks provided by glass, steel and bronze.

Milan is a world-leading powerhouse of design, in furnishing as well as in fashion, and the Brianza district north of the city is the heartland of the companies making the furniture that ends up in prestige homes and on the covers of magazines. Italian Framing Art is a dynamic enterprise that was founded in 2004, principally making frames and mirrors, and developed into a business that works with leading architects and designers to create furniture elements hallmarked by glass, steel and bronze to create that inimitable glittering, dark appearance characteristic of chic interiors.

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Today, Italian Framing Art also has its own range of furnishing accessories. Its work is distinctive for the unusual materials and sophisticated techniques. Mirrors that magically curl around curved surfaces. Fumé glass, frames with modern mouldings rendered unique by means of gold leaf. High-tech film with onyx and marble prints that are used to clad extensive surfaces without the massive weight of real marble.

What sets Italian Framing Art apart from most other furniture companies is its meticulous research into materials and processes. The raw materials are enhanced by artisanal workmanship, using state-of-the-art technology when this is available. Many procedures are performed entirely by hand, using traditional techniques, such as gilding with real or faux gold. Their work can be seen in many boutiques in Milan, and in hotels and homes throughout Europe, in the U.A.E., China and other countries worldwide.

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“What our customers appreciate about our work,” said Mariangel Cruz, co-owner of the company, “is the attention to detail. For example, many of our furniture units are clad in mirrors, and where they meet at the edges, the glass has to be cut at exactly 45 degrees so that it mitres perfectly, leaving no unsightly dark fissure. Architects are happy to give us commissions for bespoke mirrors, consoles and other furniture units because we are accustomed to working to designer drawings so that the resulting interior is absolutely unique. And this is what our high-end clients are looking for: something totally different.”

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“We are used to working very closely with our customers,” said Fabrizio Brema, technical director. “If necessary we can jump on a plane and fly to where the products are needed, taking all the necessary measurements and working from there. Very often, customers have their own interior design consultants who can do that part of the work, but we are capable of covering all aspects of the bespoke furnishing process.”

You can see a selection of their latest collection on their website, and, in Milan, at the boutique Visionnaire in Piazza Cavour. Whether it’s a prestige oval mirror or a complete design interior, you’ll discover the pleasure of owning something wholly original.

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